Visualization Reports

The FreshLoc system is all about the data. And, data is only useful if it can be accessed and reviewed in convenient formats the meet your specific needs and those of the regulatory bodies who will review them. It is a delicate balance. Too much information can be as frustrating as too little. Everybody’s needs are different. That is why FreshLoc provides more the thirty reports and special functions that offer tailored options to get you just the information you need delivered when you need it.

Compliance Data Reports

Compliance Data Reports
Control Point Report (Daily)
Control Point Report (Monthly)
Control Point Report (Recent)
Control Point Report (WeekLy)
Current Data Graph Report
Current Data Readings Report
Current Detailed Data Points Report
Detailed Compliance Statistics Report
High/Low Report (Daily)
High/Low Report (Monthly)

Equipment Maintenance and Evaluation Reports

Equipment Maintenance and Evaluation Reports
Maintenance Summary
Alert Settings Analysis
Equipment Operation
Equipment Stability
Client Summary

Corrective Action Reports

Corrective Action Reports
Corrective Action Report
Item Comments Report
Alert History Report
Manual (Semi-automatic) Data Entry

Management Assessment Reports

Management Assessment Reports
Risk Evaluation
Safety Alert Compliance
Safety Alert Response
User Summary

Special Applications

Special Applications
Batch Processing Detail Report
Transport Trip Report
Transport Arrival Report
Export Data Report
ManualTemperature Menu

System Maintenance

System Maintenance
Reader Status Report
Signal Strength Report
Sensors Connection Report

Control Functions

Control Functions
Alert Control Panel
User Dash Board
Schedule Email Notice
Scheduled Enable and Disable
Scheduled Alert Action Change
User Phonebook
FreshLoc Support Request Summary