The Medical Center of McKinney

“The day-to-day interaction with FreshLoc is wonderful! As a Director of a therapy clinic here at the hospital, I too am involved with the FreshLoc Technology. I receive a text to my cell phone that tells me when a piece of equipment is out of range. I can then get with the staff, even after hours, and find out if something is being defrosted or if we truly have an issue and address it immediately…”

Quality of care is of utmost importance and our top priority here at the Medical Center of McKinney… recently we scored very high on a third party quality study… FreshLoc played an important role in our “A” ranking.”

Tori Owens
Asst. Vice President of Operations and Director of Occupational Therapy
The Medical Center of McKinney
McKinney, Texas

Bayshore Medical Center

Bayshore Medical Center

“Bayshore Medical Center & East Houston Regional Medical Center have received excellent customer service & support from Freshloc. Anytime I have questions & or need assistance with either facility, Freshloc has always been willing to go out of their way to help. Freshloc takes the time out to listen and to work as a team with me to get any issues resolved and to make different processes easier. Having Freshloc puts me at ease knowing that Bayshore & East Houston can rely on their service to assure that we always stay TJC & FDA compliant to “ALWAYS” meet our patients safety & satisfaction needs”.

Michelle Riley MLT (ASCP)
POC Coordinator
Bayshore Medical Center - An HCA Affiliated Facility
4000 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77504

Hardie’s Fruits & Vegetables, Inc.


“We have been with FreshLoc for twelve years…they have saved money and helped drive sales. Shortly after installation, the service prevented a truck from freezing and saved more than $15,000 of premium produce. Beyond cost-savings, it has provided an entirely new reason for prospective customers to consider our services.”

“In a health inspection, the inspector said this was the most impressive system he had seen…needless to say, we passed with flying colors.”

David Hardie, CEO
Vernon "Shot" Buie Operations
Hardie's Fruits & Vegetables, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Westside Regional Medical Center

Westside Regional Medical Center

Westside installed the FreshLoc Temperature Monitoring System several years ago. This continuous monitoring system has been praised by The College of American Pathologists and Joint Commission. The system has helped our Laboratory and hospital with all of our temperature monitoring needs, helping us pass inspections with very little interaction. We have dedicated computer screens that monitor the temperatures on a 24 hour basis. We have a chain of custody set up for temperature dependent equipment that may fall out of range. The Laboratory has the ability to monitor the nursing areas room temps and humidity, a must for facilities utilizing Point of Care Testing. We highly recommend the FreshLoc system for use in all hospitals.

Janice Pini, DLM (ASCP) QA/POCC
George Constantinides Laboratory Director
Westside Regional Medical Center
8201 West Broward Blvd
Plantation, FL 33324

St. Mary’s Health Care System


St. Mary’s Health Care System on implementing FreshLoc Technologies. “It was a painless implementation. I think it’s a very user friendly system. I like being able to see that status 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the 24 hour notifications, and I haven’t met a staff member there yet who hasn’t been helpful. FreshLoc Support does not just fix something, they show us how to do it. They want us to have that level of knowledge.”

Michael Doolittle Master Mechanic 
St. Mary's Health Care System
1230 Baxter St., Athens GA 30606-3791