Temperature Monitoring Is About Patient Safety

24/7 FreshLoc's "Cloud" services are monitoring temperature of refrigerators, freezers, blanket warmers and other environmental conditions in the hospital that are vital to the wellbeing of patients. Critical data is saved securely in the "cloud" and delivered by email or accessed through any browser.  FreshLoc features:

  • Fully automated and comprehensive compliance reports.
  • Extensive and customizable alert hierarchy with unlimited escalations.
  • Exceeds regulatory requirements for food, hospital, life science and blood bank.
  • Unique wireless 83 hour data-logging sensor prevents loss of data during power outage, network loss or other service failure.
  • Powerful Web Service with no PC or Server to manage.

FreshLoc keeps your hospital compliant and takes care of the tedious but critical tasks that insure best practice in temperature monitoring for the safety and protection of your patients. more >

Free Temperature Monitoring! 

Comply with the CDC requirements for maintaining storage records for Vaccines For Children as well as meeting TJC, CAP and other guidelines.

For a limited time FreshLoc is offering a totally free version based on our renowned fully automated Temperature Monitoring System.  FreshLoc SA, or as we like call it “Semi-Automatic” is a simple but elegant solution for managing 1 to 3 refrigerators or freezers and producing compliant documentation that is accessible whenever you need to provide it.   SA is a mobile application that uses your smart phone, tablet or PC instead of paper.  Based on a schedule you create, SA will prompt with a text message or email when a temperature reading or an inventory date check is required.  You simply reply with a temperature plus any comments and SA does the rest.  Your records are stored in the FreshLoc Cloud so that all your compliance reports are always at your fingertips.  Don’t worry, If you forget or if you are busy, SA will remind you a little later.

Get your totally free FreshLoc SA account now. http://www.freshloc.net/SignUp.asp


At anytime, you can convert your SA account into a fully automated, 24/7 FreshLoc FA Temperature Monitoring System by simply adding a FreshNet receiver and sensors.

Word of Mouth

"The day-to-day interaction with FreshLoc is wonderful!  Quality of care  is of utmost importance and our top priority here at the Medical Center of McKinney… recently we scored very high on a third party quality study… FreshLoc played an important role in our "A" ranking."

Tori Owens
Asst. Vice President of Operations
Director of Occupational Therapy
The Medical Center of McKinney
McKinney, Texas

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