Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and Refrigerated Transport Solutions

 Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and Refrigerated Transport Solutions
Your distribution networks have many critical control points. FreshLoc keeps your cold chain the strongest link of all.

From the storage room to the dock, on the truck and at your door, FreshLoc FreshSync Loggers strengthen every link in your food chain. When your trucks return from their deliveries, the entire trip is automatically uploaded and your HACCP report is complete, ensuring the quality and safety of your perishable deliveries. FreshLoc is continuous, automatic, and always available to you from anywhere you have internet access. You can even tell instantly when your trucks have left or have returned.

Cold chain environmental monitoring and reporting at your fingertips. Now that’s cool.

Refrigerated Transport & Trucking
In the transport environment, FreshLoc records, tracks and improves quality, safety and maintenance operations. With FreshLoc, you can attract new customers with a superior quality claim. We help you do this and deliver a fresher product to customers by:

  • Reducing or eliminating product loss by extending operating equipment lifecycles with predictive maintenance
  • Making better use of personnel by eliminating time wasted on manual logging
  • Improving delivery time
  • Reducing diesel fuel consumption, and reefer maintenance
  • Creating faster supply chains and throughput
  • Optimizing driver pay and personnel costs
  • Reducing loss and product damage associated with trailers used for temporary storage
  • Avoiding food safety challenges such as health violations, fines, negative press, harm to a consumer and litigation
  • In transit Applications

Introducing FreshSync© Automatic Logger

A new paradigm for fleet operations, FreshSync Automatic Logger impacts supply chain speed, accuracy and quality control, all at a lower cost than current methods. Designed for use in the short-mid-haul range of fleet operations and for temporary yard storage, this new-patented product simplifies both operations and accounting. Here’s how it works:

  • When the truck is within several hundred yards of its destination, an arrival notification is sent to designated warehouse personnel. This allows crews to be ready to receive, avoiding logjams, reducing dock time and fuel burn
  • The arrival notification includes arrival and trip temperatures
  • From that immediate information warehouse personnel can make a quick determination as to quality of load for acceptance or rejection. From a process improvement standpoint, there is no logger to retrieve.
  • FreshSync Automatic Logger data can be used in conjunction with fixed-based monitoring data for traceability information as well as quality control and equipment analysis. It’s more than a logger, it’s a two-in-one tracking device that speeds supply chain operations and reduces costs.

Sales and Savings
FreshLoc can affect both top-line sales and bottom-line operating expenses. Independent research shows FreshLoc can be used to drive sales as customers differentiate suppliers on the basis of perceived quality and product freshness. FreshLoc gives you a unique claim and a reason for customers to choose your company over others. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Reducing lost product increases profits geometrically. FreshLoc has unique alerting capability that helps prevent loss due to equipment failure
  • Personnel training is minimized because FreshLoc is simple and intuitive to use. It reduces the number of tasks required in a given facility.
  • Hard-wiring an average facility costs $50,000 or more for the wiring alone (no sensors). Trucks can cost in the thousands. FreshLoc’s wireless feature saves time and money.
  • FreshLoc improves equipment maintenance cycles and reduces operating costs (proven to save as much as 20% off maintenance contracts). For fleet managers, fuel cost savings is realized through better measurement of equipment performance.
  • For risk managers, liability premiums may be reduced as well as cash reserves.
  • FreshLoc has worked closely with distributors who have faced major health code fines.
  • The FreshLoc system has provided effective support in legal situations as well as health inspections.

For Sales People
FreshLoc has special features for sales personnel. Using special database techniques, you can involve customers in a way that separates you from the competition. The result is a new reason for customers and prospects to do business with you.

For Maintenance & Facilities People
Using smart technology, FreshLoc provides special tiered alerting for maintenance to create a unique early warning system. It permits identification of equipment problems before failure and reduces unnecessary service calls.

Additionally, FreshLoc can be used as a diagnostic tool for older equipment or for recently repaired equipment. FreshLoc’s easily installed sensors can be used to provide more extensive coverage of a special unit. Sensors can be placed on evaporators and compressor lines, for example, to assess the quality of maintenance work or to extend the life of older equipment.

Additional Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Fully and completely automatic, minimal training required
  • Arrival notification (pager or cell-phone notification to designated warehouse and store personnel
  • Yard (temporary storage) and in-transit monitoring
  • Special interface for dispatchers
  • Set truck/compartment ‘in-service – out-of-service’
  • Estimated trip start time
  • Final destination (reader number)
  • Temperature alert band
  • Logger number
  • Faster notification for load acceptance or rejection
  • Elimination of gray area load quality judgments and avoid conflicts regarding QA
  • Shorter dock-time, improved handling and faster delivery
  • Reduced fuel burn
  • Lower cost for logger usage