Education: Temperature Monitoring Devices Used for Safety

Education: Temperature Monitoring Devices Used for Safety
You’re responsible for our future. We make sure it’s fresh.

While you’re focused on planning menus, preparing food and feeding children, FreshLoc focuses on keeping the quality of the food high and safe. FreshLoc automatically and continuously monitors your equipment, food inventory and preparing your HACCP reports. And, when problems arise in your kitchens during the school week, weekends, holidays or vacations, FreshLoc alerts you immediately. Whether it’s one school or the whole school system, you can view the status anywhere, anytime.

In one HACCP report, you know it’s good. And that’s cool!

FreshLoc makes sure you know your system is safe, and keeps the records to prove it.

The FreshLoc system sends out escalating alerts so you can keep an eye on your assets when you are away. When temperatures go out of safe range, the FreshLoc monitoring system sends digital alerts immediately to cell phones, pagers and through email. The alert tells you which area has an issue, what the temperature is, and when the breakdown occurred. Whether you have single school or hundreds a FreshLoc system is affordable because we designed it to work with the Internet so there is no PC requirement at the school and no server at the district office. We house and manage all the data for you.