Food Service Monitoring and Wireless Temperature Sensors

Food Service Monitoring and Wireless Temperature Sensors
Your customers expect high-quality, fresh food. FreshLoc gives you a real advantage.

All of your foodservice environments are monitored continuously and you are notified instantly when problems arise such as open doors, faulty equipment, power outages or other unsafe conditions making your perishables susceptible to quality and safety problems. You can even look in on one location or the entire supply chain.

HACCP compliance reporting and quality control is now much easier. And that’s cool.

In the retail environment, FreshLoc tracks and improves quality, safety and maintenance operations. FreshLoc helps you deliver a fresher product to customers and reduce operating costs by:

  • Reducing or eliminating product loss
  • Extending operating equipment lifecycles by providing predictive maintenance
  • Making better use of personnel by eliminating time wasted on manual logging

In addition, FreshLoc allows you to be proactive in the challenges of food safety such as:

  • Health violations / fines
  • Negative press
  • Harm to a consumer
  • Litigation

For Maintenance
FreshLoc has special features for maintenance operations. Using smart technology, FreshLoc provides special tiered alerting protocol for maintenance to create a unique early warning system. It permits identification of equipment problems before failure and reduces unnecessary service calls.

Additionally, FreshLoc can be used as a diagnostic tool for older equipment or for recently repaired equipment. FreshLoc’s easily installed sensors can be used to provide more extensive coverage of a special unit. Sensors can be placed on evaporators, compressor lines, and other critical elements to assess the quality of maintenance work or to extend the life of older equipment.

Daily Weekly Performance Reports

  • Maintenance Alerts, Safety Alerts and Food Quality Alerts
  • Corrective Action
  • Maintenance / Watch Notification
  • Maintenance Repair

Top and Bottom Line Savings

  • FreshLoc can impact both top-line sales and bottom-line operating expenses. Not only does it reduce waste and spoilage, but independent research shows FreshLoc can be used to drive store traffic. With consumers differentiating brands on the basis of perceived freshness of products, FreshLoc provides a unique “Seal of Freshness” claim for your brand. Research results showed a statistically significant interest in trying a store with a FreshLoc system.
  • A 10% reduction in shrink increases profits by as much as 22% (Source: 1999 The National Supermarket Research Group). FreshLoc is proven to extend shelf life and reduce lost items from equipment failure (learn about FreshLoc case studies).
  • Personnel training is minimized because FreshLoc is simple and intuitive to use. It reduces the number of tasks required in a given facility.
  • Smart, radio-frequency sensors saves thousands. Hard-wiring an average facility costs $50,000 or more for the wiring alone. Trucks alone can cost more than $1000. FreshLoc’s wireless feature saves time and money.
  • FreshLoc improves equipment maintenance cycles and reduces operating costs by as much as 20%. For fleet managers, fuel cost savings is realized through better measurement of equipment performance.
  • For risk managers, liability premiums may be reduced as well as cash reserves. FreshLoc has worked closely with distributors who have faced major health code fines and worked with them to better resolution.
  • We have also provided effective support in legal situations as well as health inspections to prove quality and freshness.

Additional Application Benefits / ROI

  • High margin fresh food sales
  • Minimize shrinkage
  • Streamline personnel training
  • Minimize need for facilities / Refurbishment costs
  • Lower energy / Utility costs
  • Lower insurance premiums / Reserves