Healthcare Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Controlled Storage

Healthcare Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Controlled Storage
The FreshLoc service includes everything you need to comply with healthcare environmental and storage regulations for food service, pharmacy, lab, blood bank and nursing. A best practice solution for all your temperature monitoring in one system. Cross-system monitoring offers uniform compliance reporting for all your equipment no matter the manufacturer, make or model. Having a single solution for temperature monitoring and uniform reporting simplifies the audit process. And more important it helps insure that patients are safe from the risks caused by non-compliant equipment.

FreshLoc is ideal for small clinics, labs and pharmacies or full enterprise-wide environments throughout a hospital or multiple hospital system. Scalability and standardization are FreshLoc hallmarks and our web-centered approach to providing services makes it easy to install and grow.

With FreshLoc, you know it’s safe. And that’s cool!

Operations – Critical Information Flow

FreshLoc measures, alerts and records the quality, safety and integrity of equipment environments. With workstation, cell phone, laptop and pager alerts, your staff can take immediate actions to intercede and correct any fluctuation in the environment.

The FreshLoc service protects physical assets as well as perishable assets. When equipment is operating out of specification notification is sent first to the appropriate operations and then maintenance personnel. Unanswered alerts are escalated and redirected to ensure corrective actions are taken.

All of the operational information is reported and summarized and always available online.

Proven Reliability
FreshLoc technology has demonstrated unprecedented reliability under harsh conditions including submerged, extreme temperature and high electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments. The technology has been applied to situations ranging from food chain in-transit applications to critical medical materials handling to U.S. Navy nuclear weapons security.

With FreshLoc you gain a total infrastructure that permits highly efficient and low cost data management. The patented system is coupled with a turnkey service and support package that is comprised of several technology ‘building-blocks’ uniquely integrated for reliability.

Smart End User Interface
The FreshLoc end user interface contains ‘smart technology’ that reflects operational logic in its content and ease-of-use for intuitive operations with minimal training.

  • Network/Internet Communication Capabilities — FreshLoc has developed patented techniques for continuous network connection, data security and communication reliability, all while using multiple Internet connection strategies.
  • Software: Transactional & High Speed Database management — FreshLoc operating software handles tens of billions of instructions every day. It has the capability of maintaining a quintillion addresses and associated data for individual sensors.
  • Wireless RF Sensor/Logger Technology — FreshLoc’s patented wireless RFStrobe technology sets a standard for wireless applications. It has superior performance in data transmission, noise resistance and low power consumption. Every Sensor logs (retains) up to 85 hours of information at all times. In the event of a power failure or system outage the valuable data that would have been lost is saved and replayed when normal operation resumes.

Best Practices Reduce Waste and Uncertainty
Automatic and continuous compliance reporting is a great idea for all the equipment in your hospital. Across the country entire hospitals and even small departments have FreshSync sensors in every type of equipment and every brand imaginable. Your compliance reports arrive in your inbox on the schedule you prescribe and in the format you choose. The compliance reports are color coded so you can review them quickly. When unusual events happen, you get interactive alert reports with meticulous detail of prior events and the current events for that equipment for instant collaboration with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Sensors are reliable and precise down to .0625 degrees C. Sensors can measure temperature, humidity, differential pressure, voltage and more. And these sensors are a battery operated so they continue to monitor and report without losing data. If power and networks go down, the sensors continue to report through the FreshLoc network without gaps. In this manner, you absolutely know what happened, when it happened and if equipment and assets are still in good order.