FreshLoc Temperature Compliance Reporting World Leader

Centered on Patient Safety

Since 1999 FreshLoc has been innovating in temperature control and monitoring to help hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, restaurants, and food processors comply with temperature related safety regulations, and to protect the health and wellbeing of the people they serve. FreshLoc was the first Wireless Temperature Monitoring company to offer FDA compliant reporting and documentation. Today FreshLoc processes more the 10 million measurements for our clients every day!

FreshLoc surpasses 26 billion measurements!

FreshLoc surpasses 26 billion measurements! Click on image for live updates or see

Click on image for live updates or see

FreshLoc is based in Dallas Texas and designs and manufactures all its hardware and software products. We have complete control over what we deliver to our clients. From our very first system, built for Texas based HEB Grocery Stores, we have worked hand-in-hand with our customers to develop sensors, reports and applications that meet their specific needs. We have grown with technology from standalone applications and server based networks, to mobile and cloud centered systems. FreshLoc offers its clients fully managed services 24/7/365.

From our beginnings in the Food Industry, FreshLoc has grown to become a leading supplier of monitoring products in healthcare, including, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, blood banks and pharmacies. We are the choice of many GPO’s, the VA and large hospital chains to provide enterprise-wide monitoring for all their compliance reporting requirements.

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