Remote Temperature Monitoring and Data Loggers

    • Around the Clock Protection
    • Secure Online Access
    • Critical Alert Notification
    • Corrective Actions
    • Extensive Web Graphing
    • Wi-Fi and Ethernet RFID Network
    • Wireless FreshSync Sensors
    • Turnkey 3rd Party Data Management

Imagine that the health of your operation is one report you customize daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Imagine small long-life battery-operated logging sensors, delivering you instant measurements throughout your facility.
  • Imagine your report has no missing data even when ther is apower outage because your sensors store the past logs.
  • Imagine for one critical piece of equipment or hundreds of freezers, installation is simple, quick and reliable.
  • Imagine having a system working 24/7 monitoring for all your equipment, any make model or brand.
  • Imagine then that there are no PCs and there is no software required anywhere in your facility.

We listened to your imagination. Today you can get just what you imagined and more for your department or your entire operation.

How cool is that?